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What material is PVC

2020-08-31 09:27:35 鑫顺达

What material is PVC? Is pvc poisonous

    The full English name of PVC is: Polyvinyl chloride, and the Chinese name is: polyvinyl chloride. It is a kind of resin and belongs to plastic material. In fact, PVC itself is made of PVC material, but there may be less knowledge about PVC. .

    PVC is widely used, divided into soft pvc and hard pvc. Take the items in daily life as examples: pvc plastic bags, toys, remote controls, electrical enclosures, pvc mouse pads, pvc table mats, pvc floor mats, and so on. The heat distortion temperature of hard pvc is about 70°C, and the melting point is 89°C. The heat distortion temperature of soft pvc is about 55°C and the melting point is 85°C.

The hazards of PVC: PVC resin raw materials are non-toxic, but because plasticizers and other ingredients need to be added during the production process, some of the ingredients are toxic. It is recommended not to use pvc plastic bags for food, especially oily foods. Also in a high temperature environment (about 50°C), PVC will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas, which is harmful to humans, so PVC is not suitable for food packaging. Secondly, dioxin (TCDD) is also the main hazard. Dioxin is the deadliest substance in the dioxins family. It is a carcinogen, hormone decomposer and a toxic compound. It is harmful to humans and animals. Great harm. However, PVC generally produces dioxins when it is burned.

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