PC Film

  • Grey PC

    Grey PC

    Shenzhen Xinshunda Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in selling gray pc film, gray pc sheet, gray pc board, gray pc coil. Factory direct sales, first-hand supply, stable quality, worry-free after-sales, look forward to your cooperation!

  • Brushed PC Film

    Brushed PC Film

    Shenzhen Xinshunda Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in the sale of brushed pc film, brushed pc sheet, factory direct sales, first-hand supply, quality assurance, worry-free after-sales, and look forward

  • Hard PC

    Hard PC

    Factory direct sales hardened pc, scratch-resistant pc film, hardened pc sheet, stable supply, quality assurance, welcome to inquire

  • Brown PC film

    Brown PC film

    Factory direct printing grade brown pc film, brown pc board, brown pc sheet. Color: light brown and dark brown. Coil sheets, complete specifications. Stable supply and quality assurance.

  • Black Non-halogen FRPC

    Black Non-halogen FRPC

    Factory direct sales, halogen-free PC film, black halogen-free PC, halogen-free flame retardant PC, in line with EU export standards. First hand supply, sufficient inventory, complete specifications and thickness, slicing, slitting, laminating, welcome to inquire!

  • Transparent pc film

    Transparent pc film

    Factory direct sales printing grade high transparent pc roll material, transparent pc film, transparent pc film, environmentally friendly polycarbonate pc material, high temperature resistance about 120 degrees. Transparent pc has few crystal points and high transparency. It is mostly used in products such as lenses, goggles, window panels, nameplates, membrane switches, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

  • Frosted PC film

    Frosted PC film

    Factory direct sale frosted pc coil, translucent pc film, frosted pc film, coarse sand pc, fine sand pc, medium sand pc, fine sand pc. Printing level, one side is smooth, the other is sand, white translucent, high temperature resistant. It is mainly used in various membrane switches, control panels, nameplates and other products, and is widely used in printing, silk screen printing, color printing, UV transfer and so on.

  • Flame retardant PC film

    Flame retardant PC film

    Factory direct sales: black flame retardant pc, flame retardant pc film, black flame retardant pc film, flame retardant grade: 94V-0. Widely used in insulating gaskets, machine panels, etc. First-hand supply, sufficient inventory, quality assurance, integrity management, worry-free after-sales service, look forward to your inquiries.

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