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  • What are the disadvantages of PVC?

    What are the disadvantages of PVC?Disadvantages of PVC: PVC resin raw material itself is non-toxic, but because of the need to add plasticizer and other components in the production process, some comp

    2020-09-07 XINSHUNDA

  • Dongguan PVC Manufacturers

    Shenzhen Xinshunda Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in selling pc film, pvc film, pc board and pvc board. It is a high-quality supplier of pvc in Dongguan. Dongguan pvc manufacturers look to Shenzhen Xin

    2020-09-05 XINSHUNDA

  • What material is PVC

    PVC是什么材质?pvc有毒吗?PVC的英文全称为:Polyvinyl chloride,中文名为:聚氯乙烯,是一种树脂,属于塑料材质...PVC的危害:pvc树脂原料本身无毒,但是...

    2020-08-31 鑫顺达

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